Product Overview

The Compact-506 is a galvanometer-based optical scanning system, intended for applications where small package size, low cost, and light-weight are paramount concerns. Although the Compact-506 is very small, it is built upon our VRAD-506 actuator platform, and features a very strong construction and 6mm bearings. This construction allows the Compact-506 galvo to move small mirrors, as well as large mirrors (up to 1-inch in diameter) very easily, without a notch filter in the servo.

High-Performance, Affordable Price

For client’s who need a high-performance optical scanning system at an affordable price, the Compact-506 is an ideal solution. The Compact-506’s low coil resistance allows it to achieve exceptionally fast scan speeds, without producing access heat inside the galvo. And our patented position sensor design produces ten times the signal-to-noise ratio, offering client’s exceptionally high-quality motion. The Compact-506 provides performance on-par with the most expensive conventional optical scanning systems, at a price point that is one-tenth the cost.

In addition, to help make the Compact-506 even more cost-effective, we have built this galvo in such a way, that it work work with a third-party servo-amplifier. This helps bring the overall cost of a complete scanning system down dramatically. If you have an existing servo-amplifier design, we can offer you the Compact-506 galvos by themselves, and work with you to modify your existing amplifier, so that you will get the maximum performance from the Compact-506.

Purchasing Options

The Compact-506 galvo is available in two versions: Pro and Economy, with the difference being the connector, the position sensor, and the bearings. These differences are discussed further, inside of the product’s datasheet. The Compact-506 is also available with different mirror and mounting options, and it can be sold as an XY pair, or as a single-axis galvo. Contact us for more information on this product’s different purchasing options.

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