Rotary Actuator and Solenoid Applications
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Rotary actuators and solenoids are versatile products, and can be used across a wide variety of industries and applications. While our VRAD series of products is primarily used to move optical components, they can also be useful in other industries such as robotics, automotive manufacturing, office equipment manufacturing, vending machine manufacturing, and more. A brief summary of these different applications is presented below.

If you have any questions about our VRAD Rotary Actuators, and whether they would work for your given application, please email us (). We would be happy to offer our insight and expertise in this regard.

ScannerMAX Application Shutter

Optical Beam Shutter

Optical beam shutters, also known as deflectors or choppers, are used to stop a beam of light from moving beyond a given point. They are used quite often in a variety of laser applications.

Our VRAD series of rotary actuators work great as an optical beam shutter, offering a completely linear response, wide-angle, low power consumption, and all at very competitive price points.

ScannerMAX Application Position

Optical Element Positioning

Our VRAD series of rotary actuators are quite useful as optical element positioners. Our completely linear response gives you accuracy far beyond other conventional actuators on the market today.

If you need to move optical components, the VRAD series of actuators can help. We have different sizes of actuators available, to meet all of your optical positioning needs.

ScannerMAX Application Robotic

Robotics Actuator

Actuators are frequently used in the robotics field, to move various components into different positions.

Our VRAD actuators are available in two different sizes, and can be customized to work inside of different robotic developments or machines you may work with.

ScannerMAX Application car

Automotive Manufacturing

The automotive industry is one of the largest consumers of actuators, solenoids and related components.

Our VRAD actuators offer automobile manufacturers a new level of precision and reliability for moving elements inside of different vehicle models, or for use inside industrial automotive machines, used for manufacturing various automotive components.

ScannerMAX Application machines

Vending Machine Manufacturing

Vending machines require the use of actuators to trigger the release of goods into a consumer’s hands. The VRAD series of actuators is perfect for such applications, and can ensure the consumer gets the product purchased, as it was intended.

The VRAD series of actuators are made using the highest-quality components, which means longer life expectancy for your vending machine products. In addition, our low power consumption eases the burden on manufacturers, helping to lower the overall power consumption requirements for the vending machine’s operation.

ScannerMAX Application printer

Office Equipment Manufacturing

Office equipment manufacturers (such as companies producing printing equipment) use rotary actuators and solenoids as spring loaded pin mechanisms, and when energized, they protrude up through a table surface, to locate a given printing plate.

The high quality components used in our VRAD series ensure longer lifetimes for your office equipment products, and our low cost helps to reduce the overall resale price of equipment you manufacture.

ScannerMAX Application valve

Fluid Valve Actuator

It is quite common for manufacturers of fluid valve equipment, and for those involved in fluid analysis, to need to control the flow of different fluids through a given area. The completely linear response of our VRAD series of actuators is great for such applications. The amount of power put into our VRAD series is directly proportional to the amount of torque it produces, offering you a very high degree of precision when controlling the movement of fluids.

ScannerMAX Application car door

Air Damper, Lock, and Door Actuator

Rotary actuators and solenoids are heavily used in the production of air dampers, locks, and doors. For these applications, the quality of the actuator or solenoid used is critical, because the actuation occurring (in many cases) is used to protect people, or to keep an item or person in confinement. With our VRAD series, you can be sure that the actuation will occur, without interruption.

ScannerMAX laser scanner on mirrors green

Additional Applications

As you can see, there are a wide range of applications that are currently being served very well by rotary actuators and solenoids. We believe that there are more applications that have yet to be discovered. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We would be happy to explore how our VRAD Rotary Actuators can help you with your application.

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