High-Acceleration Sin-Cos Motor

What it is


We have created a continuous-rotation motor based on the principles of the Saturn-series optical scanners. Like our optical scanners, this motor is capable of extremely quick point-to-point, counter-clockwise and clockwise limited rotation motion. However, unlike our optical scanners, this motor can also rotate continuously as well.

We conceived of this motor for directly driving optical elements, such as grating wheels and aperture wheels. Thanks to the capability of rotating to a predetermined angular position very rapidly and then stopping instantly, it can be used with aperture wheels. Also, thanks to the capability of rotating very slowly, or very quickly, it can be used to directly drive grating wheels, including in synchronization with other mechatronics such as scanners.

Learn more about it by watching this video

How it Works

Technically speaking this is a two-phase, brushless AC synchronous motor, having Sine and Cosine drive coils. It also has an integral high-resolution analog encoder that provides Sine and Cosine feedback. It can be paired with our Mach-DSP servo driver to create a complete motion control system.

This Sin-Cos motor technology is completely scalable, and is capable of rotating very slowly (for example, 1 revolution per day) as well as very quickly (for example, 120,000 RPM). Although motors have been created in the past that allow very slow rotation, these typically involve large, heavy gearboxes. And although motors have been created in the past that allow very fast rotation, we are not aware of any other motor technology that can accelerate from a dead stop to 120,000 RPM in one millisecond!

Fastest motor in the world?

So, is this the fastest motor in the world? You tell us! We’d also love to hear your ideas for how this motor technology might be used for your application. Please contact us by clicking here.

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