Compact 506

For up to one inch apertures

ScannerMAX Compact 506 Rendering

Saturn 1B

For 1mm – 4mm apertures

Saturn 5B

For 5mm – 6mm apertures

Saturn 9B

For 8mm – 10mm apertures


Digital servo driver for all
ScannerMAX galvos


Dual power supply for use with
Mach-DSP servo driver

Galvanometer-based Optical Scanners

Our ScannerMAX division specializes in the production of galvanometer-based optical scanners that are ideal for moving small laser beams fast, with incredible accuracy and precision.

For beam apertures in the 1mm to 10mm range, our patented and award-winning “Stronger, Cooler, Faster” galvo construction provides significant performance advantages over conventional galvos that are on the market today, while still maintaining highly competitive price points.

The ScannerMAX Advantage Explained

The ScannerMAX advantage is achieved implementing three guiding principles, defined below:

STRONGER – All ScannerMAX galvos incorporate a stiffer (what we call “stronger”) rotor design, including larger-diameter shafts along with an enhanced mirror mounting technique. The stronger rotor pushes torsional- and bending-mode resonances higher, eliminating “wiggles” in projected lines, thus allowing higher speeds. In addition, we use special bearing materials and a stronger position feedback (higher signal-to-noise ratio), to ensure optimal performance.

COOLER – ScannerMAX galvos incorporate unique magnetic designs, which provide high torque but a low coil resistance. Since heat is directly proportional to coil resistance, a lower coil resistance means a cooler-running motor. Heat is certainly a performance-limiting factor, especially at faster scan speeds. The ScannerMAX magnetic designs simply run cooler.

FASTER – When you add the “stronger” aspect of our rotor design, our bearing materials and our position signal, to the “cooler” aspect of our magnetic design, this combination allows us to achieve higher scanning speeds — generally well in excess of conventional galvanometers.

The result

Click here to see a list of reports that we made, which show the result of this “Stronger, Cooler, Faster” construction method.

Seeing is believing

We have put together a number of videos that demonstrate the clear benefits of our “Stronger, Cooler, Faster” construction. Click here to visit our YouTube channel and see the videos.

Which Optical Scanning System is right for me?

We take pride in ensuring that our client’s receive the very best customer support possible. If you have any questions about which galvanometer-based optical scanning system is right for your application, please feel free to contact us at any time. We have a team of highly skilled engineers, fluent in multiple languages, ready to help. We have offices setup around the world, in the United States, Central Europe, and Mainland China, and in most cases, you will receive a response in less than 24-hours.

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